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says the study came from good technology. producuctivi consultantsts and experts frown on the trerend of working from bed. busisinesses are now trying to cash in. one manufacturer fo adjustable beds is now marketing them to younger consumers. well coming up, our busininess roundtable. first, the federal hot minute. >> today i will attempt and monumeal feat. ii hope to convey the importance of having social media sites a part of your professional, a daily routine. for example, want to know ifif being a small business protegeee linkeded to a mentor prevents you from bidding on small business opportunities? a linkedin discussion group as an informed discussion on this topic. if you aren n the training area for a government agency, you may be interested in the discussion group for government training and development. one. discussion is centered around an a artic. as a suggestion, you may wish to do a simple search to find a group pertitinent to your job. they may provide your information that you do not knoww as they introduce you too professionalal contactcts. links tohese groupare [ ma
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1